Project Description


An artist and a psychologist, commuting between Israel and South Africa, my art represents my way of being in the world. By implication it is a social comment about the importance of transparency and authenticity. In therapy, as in my art I aspire to make this a better world, to imbue it with optimism and joy.

I make beautiful objects from contemporary materials such as acrylic and its derivatives. Light plays a major role in all the ‘sculpture to wear’ pieces which are translucent, clear and sometimes colorful. The creative process is spontaneous and intuitive. Like each of us, every piece is unique – a world in itself.

The individual pieces are laser cut and joined by hand. Geometrical forms intertwine to create perfect visual symmetry and weight. Occasional metal objects are thrown in to further brighten the work. A ‘Sculpture to wear’ art piece is made to delight and enjoy.

From the Latest Collection