Project Description


Perpetual motion in the Post-Modern era, reminiscent of the Myth of Sisyphus, is the theme of this body of work. The works examine issues of progress and regression, the use of time and its waste. It reflects an unusual mélange: a pensive mood, an unsettling sense of urgency and irritation mixed with some sadness and with humor. The use of transparent material is both ironic and paradoxical. It reflects the nature of a society which purpots to ‘show and tell’ while operating on the ‘things ain’t what they seem’ psychoanalytic principle.

Faster than ever, it seems, contemporary man is going nowhere. Ironically, the faster we live, the shorter ‘the moment’ since the ‘now’ becomes a prelude to the next and the vast majority of us spend our time not being present in our own lives. The frantic, incessant activity of the ‘beautiful’ people on the exercise machines at the health club constitutes a suitable metaphor for the above, in that they pursue a fantasy- an impossible dream. In a futile and endless marathon, in an on-going attempt to find meaning to defy mortality in order to gain mastery over their fate, they exercise is a frantic and obsessive manner. However, the hysterical movement leads nowhere. The spinning bikes, like the treadmill machines at the gym are attached to the ground.